Chez Alexandre stands out from other restaurants for preparing authentic and traditional French cuisine. Our chefs and staff have always in mind that a piece of France can be served in Montreal as well.

Our Specials: Cassoulet, Choucroute, and More

  • Cassoulet. At Chez Alexandre, we prepare the cassoulet as the original recipe of southern France: it has rich, slow-cooked meat, pork skin and white beans. The dish is named after its traditional cooking vessel, the cassole, a deep, round, earthenware pot with slanting sides.
  • Choucroute. The famous Alsatian recipe with sausages and other salted meats and charcuterie is made the traditional way at Chez Alexandre.


Ask for our Cassoulet or our lobster. Always great wine, great food, and great company in Montreal downtown at Chez Alexandre.

French Food and French Cuisine


In 2010, UNESCO added French cuisine to the list of cultural objects that are called ‘intangible cultural heritage’. Chez Alexandre is proud of serving, though our plates, all the long history and tradition of French gastronomy, which reflects the influence of queens, kings, and foreigner cultures alike.

Chez Alexandre has been awarded with the

“Ordre du mérite agricole”

for its contribution to French Cuisine